About Us

Best Food is a company of diverse business verticals such as Nuts, Dates, and Chocolate etc. & has an expanded geographical reach across GCC, Levant & ME Africa. Best food has its retail presence for over 4 decades in this region and considered to a local heritage brand. Incepted in 1979 as a single nuts processing plant, Best Food has grown to become the market leader for branded nuts in the Middle East. With a product line that extends to a variety of finest nuts and chocolates, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread over 128,600 sq. and manpower resources comprising of over 600 skilled people.

Best Nuts is one of the flagship brands of Best Food and is a market leader in Nuts category in UAE. Best Nuts provides the world with a wide range of nuts that include peanuts, cashew, mix nuts, almonds, pistachios, special mixes, super nuts, imperial mix, macadamia and seeds. Quality of ingredients is of paramount importance to Best Food and the company handpicks each and every ingredient from reliable centers in Asia, North & South America. And diligently procured ingredients are carefully processed in state-of-the-art factories to ensure a high level of hygiene and natural goodness.

Tamrah is an innovative offering from Best Food to the global food industry. Made from the handpicked of premium dates, stuffed with golden roasted almonds and wrapped in premium chocolate, Tamrah blends the taste of tradition with the scope of innovation with amazing ease. For the product innovation Tamrah received the prestigious Gulf Food Award in 2013.